The sad thing is that right now, there are millions of people out there who think tRump is doing a great job…


Most of them probably aren’t racists… although I bet more of them are than are willing to admit to it.

Most of them aren’t actually morons… although, really, is a moron smart enough to know that they are a moron?

Many of them claim to be very religious… although I suspect that they aren’t as good at it as they profess to be.

Most of them aren’t anti-women… although how any woman could still be standing behind that orange clown who freely admitted to walking into the changing rooms at the TEEN beauty pageants because, hey, he owned them, is a mystery to me.

They aren’t all bad people, but they are being led by a bad person. They have invested so much into him that to admit that they made a terrible mistake would call into question their own self-worth. This is how cults work. They get you to give away so much of yourself that you become unable to question why you are doing what you do, because that would be to admit that you made one mistake, and then kept compounding it… or doubling down, as Donald likes to call it. I could almost feel sorry for people who got themselves into that position, but I am too busy feeling sorry for the people who never asked for this to happen, and even tried to stop it.

It is, to once again quote the junior dictator-in-training, “Sad, just sad.”

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2 Responses to The sad thing is that right now, there are millions of people out there who think tRump is doing a great job…

  1. I know more than a few people who voted for Trump. They selected him for the same reason I didn’t: they didn’t like the other candidate. Of course, I voted for Jill Stein, which may or may not have cost Clinton the 2016 election. But I don’t care. That’s Clinton’s fault; not mine. While I really liked Bill ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ Clinton, I never cared much for Hilary. I told several people that Trump has practically been running for president over the past 30 years.

    But I don’t fault my friends and relatives who voted for Trump. Many of them probably held their nose while they did it or made their selection as quickly as possible. You know – the same way people will remove a bandage that’s practically grown into their skin. I did that with John Kerry in 2004. The Trump voters I know really are great people; they’re intelligent, educated and concerned for the welfare of this country and the world. As I did with Kerry, they simply voted for whom they thought was the lesser of the evils.

    One friend’s constant support of Trump, however, is somewhat surprising. It’s almost nauseating. He mentioned on Facebook a few weeks ago that he’s “constantly amazed by this great man.” And I thought, ‘Really!’ If anything, I told him Trump should be amazed by him. My friend is a highly-educated polyglot who has traveled all over the world, worked for NASA, and now works as a psychologist for inmates at a Houston-area prison. I don’t understand how my friend – openly gay and an advocate for illegal immigrants – could hold such admiration for a discombobulated egomaniac like Trump.

    But I still don’t fault him for it. That’s his right as a naturalized American. He’s originally from Austria, and his parents grew up amidst the chaos of WWII and lived through the horrors of the Nazi regime. They knew what it felt like to crave for the right to vote and to have a free press. I know my friend and his family aren’t bad people. We’ll just have to disagree over Trump’s presidency.

    That’s the other side of free speech and freedom of expression people often don’t like to confront: not everyone will agree with you on everything. It just won’t happen!

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