A closer look at stuff… part 1… An American classic: faded blue jeans…

a 1

I am still having fun with my new Christmas digital microscope. And see, I learned my lesson. I am not trying to make you guess what these photos are of. I told you right in the title.

a 2

Heck, I will tell you again. These are a pair of my old, faded, pale-blue blue jeans… Blue Jeans? Bluejeans?

a 3

See, the classic gold stitching. And you can really see where the blue dye has just worn off some of the material.

a 4

That is part of the leather label… although, at this level, I don’t know if they are using real leather for the labels anymore.

a 5

But who knows?

a 6

So technically speaking, I think these were already light-blue when I bought them. So some of the fading was done in a factory, I guess. But I did a lot more the old fashioned way.

a 7

Yup, that is the zipper. I bet you never thought you would get that close a look at my zipper… uh… I mean… ummmm… never mind.

a 8

That is the reinforcing stitching around the button hole.

a 9

And that is the button.

a 10

Yes, they still make the metal parts out of… some kind of metal.

a 11

And that is one of those weird little reinforcing rivets they put on stress points. There is a funny story behind why Levi Strauss stopped putting the rivets at the stress point of the crotch. You should Google that. Sometimes rich people won’t change anything until they burn their nut-sack, it turns out.

a 12

So I am still trying to think of more fun things to use the microscope on.

a 13

If you have any ideas, please let me know in the comments.

a 14

That is the big hole in the right knee… or at least some of the frayed fabric around the hole. I do not pay extra for jeans with holes already in them. I can make my own holes. And I am  not that fashionable.

a 15

That is where the frayed part meets the not-frayed part.

a 16

Okay, that was fun. Now stop looking at my pants, Cheeky Monkey!



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