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Messing with art and history; a ‘spot what’s wrong with this picture’ game… part 19…

I really like that one. They are both such strong characters. They typify the hard life on a farm. But, if you remove the gender biases, it raises a startling series of societal questions. Which sex is really the stronger? … Continue reading

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Famous men… as famous women… part 7… tRump as the most famous woman he could imagine… himself.

Whatever you think of this contemptible walking pumpkin, you have to admit that if he had been born a woman, this is an accurate portrayal of how he would do his makeup. It matches perfectly with the huge towers with … Continue reading

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M.A.S.C. (Men Against Sex Crimes)! Join now!!!

I am starting a new organization. Men, it is time we take a stand. We are part of this too. Stand up for the women in your life, Your mothers and sisters and daughters… your friends. We can make the … Continue reading

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Men… women… mars… venus… let’s figure this out…

I pride myself on asking the questions that nobody else bothers to ask. I thought it might be fun to ask a series of questions about random things and see how the answers differ between men and women. Maybe we will … Continue reading

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