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Just in case you forgot this isn’t a freekin’ travel blog… but I am pretty sure this is tRump’s view of the universe…

Oh, wait, I forgot to put a ‘get out of jail free’ card in ‘god’s hand, as he hands the keys to the kingdom over.

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Reflecting upon mortality… part 9…

There is a reason that I used the same artwork from the last post… except turned on it’s side… for this post. And the reason is this: Death is a matter of perspective. I don’t mean death itself. That seems … Continue reading

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Bad god!!!

The next time you are speaking to your god… whatever you choose to call him/her/it… ask them if they really want you to kill people instead of help them. If the answer is yes, tell your god you quit… you … Continue reading

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Shades… Part 6…

*Warning* This post contains images of gods and goddesses wearing cool sunglasses. If you are religious and easily offended, please avert your eyes, or maybe pray for a sense of humor… Let me start off by saying that I am … Continue reading

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