Opinions are not the same thing as facts… (or); Some things are true, and some things aren’t… a guide to some common misconceptions… part 4…

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. I will be honest enough to admit that this peculiar belief, while obviously an opinion and not a fact, does fall somewhere in the murky middle ground. But it is not a fact. I mean, it is, sort of, but it is really a misstated opinion, and therefore my ‘opinion’ that it is an opinion and not a fact stands.

Yes, guns rarely kill people without the help of a person. But the ‘guns don’t kill people’ wording is misleading. Hammers don’t hammer nails. People hammer nails. Right. But they use hammers to do it. Does anyone ever say that land mines or bombs or knives don’t kill people? Cars don’t kill people, it is drivers that kill people.

By this logic, nothing kills people but other people. Also, when it comes to guns killing people, nobody disagrees that the guns have help from people. The problem is that the guns are too good at helping people kill other people. Lots of people.

The other argument is that if people didn’t have guns, they would kill people some other way. I will grant you that that is also a fact. But nobody ever threw knives from a hotel window and killed dozens of people across the street.

It is also argued that the best defense against a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun. Yes… in cowboy movies and action thrillers. The number of times where a trained, armed civilian stopped a mass shooting is more rare than alien anal probing. You hear about it, myth-like, but have you ever seen it happen? If this was going on all the time, then there wouldn’t be a day that goes by that it wasn’t mentioned in the news in all those states where people carry guns.

The ‘fact’ is that a lot of those bad people get guns by stealing them from good people. And it is these same good people who keep fighting the laws that would require more background checks, longer wait times, less loopholes, and refusal to allow people with mental conditions to buy guns.

So you know what? I will let you have this one. Call your false argument a fact and not an opinion. Just keep flooding American streets with guns. And someday, someone you know will get shot. That is an opinion. I hope it does not become a fact.

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4 Responses to Opinions are not the same thing as facts… (or); Some things are true, and some things aren’t… a guide to some common misconceptions… part 4…

  1. After the 1991 Luby’s cafeteria shooting in Texas, I read many letters in local newspapers opining that if only one civilian with a licensed weapon had been there, the massacre could have been avoided. I thought about the circumstances and realized that – with so much chaos – the shooter probably wouldn’t have been in one spot long enough for that type of response. That particular incident prompted the state to create its ‘Right-to-Carry’ law. And, as always, thoughts and prayers when an actual tragedy happens.

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