My Yosemite adventure… part 2… Half Dome, a very famous rock… or, well, uh, half of a very famous rock?… a very famous half-rock?…a famous rock half?…

a 1

As I said in the first three posts in this series… what?… yes, I know, this is titled ‘part 2’, but there were two posts before part 1, that were really part of… you know, you should really try to keep up.

a 2

Now where was I before I so rudely interrupted myself? Oh, right, I was saying that, because of all the fires, and the park being closed until very recently, I was almost alone in Yosemite. And that, over two days, let me cover more ground than you ever could on a regular summer day there, where it is just wall to wall tourists.

a 3

This post should illustrate how I drove around the whole length of the valley at least 8 times, stopping and taking pictures of the same views quite often, because things look different as the light moves… or rises, or fades, or whatever.

a 4

So I have photos of things at all times of the day, from all viewpoints.

a 5

I have pictures of the sun rising, and the sun setting. You don’t really get good sunsets in the valley usually. It is too deep. The sun disappears long before it sets over the Pacific Ocean to the West.

a 6

I also made multiple stops to one of the best higher views of the valley… I mean, unless you want to go all the way to the top of the rim… and this photo does show how much smoke was in the air from the fires burning to the Southeast, the East, and North of the valley.

a 7

But those fires did keep the tourist hordes away.

a 8

I will probably never again get to see Yosemite so empty. It was a once in a lifetime deal.

a 9

It was magical.

a 10

And because I had such freedom of movement, I could see any view I wanted to see, from far away, or right up close.

a 11

a 12

a 13

The sun rising behind… or sort of to the side of… Half Dome.

a 14

Completely different in the fading of the evening sun.

a 15

From almost directly below, in mid afternoon.

a 16

Half Dome, being kissed goodnight, brushed by the lips of the setting sun, taken from my private beach. Okay, we will get to that. That is a slight exaggeration, but not much of one. But I think I will do a post about the animals I saw next.


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2 Responses to My Yosemite adventure… part 2… Half Dome, a very famous rock… or, well, uh, half of a very famous rock?… a very famous half-rock?…a famous rock half?…

  1. I’m really enjoying these Yosemite photos, Art! Please keep up the good work!

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