Who knew the apocalypse was going to have such beautiful sunsets?

So lovely…

So charming…

So deceptive…

Sunlight refracting off and through the smoke-laden air from a huge fire burning near San Diego.

The air already so full of corona virus and pollution and the chemicals that led to global climate change that is fueling… pun intended… these fires.

It is almost like nature is running the final credits.

There should be huge words scrolling up that shot… the end of the world, brought to you by the gas and oil companies, the coal mines, the useless politicians, and just plain apathy.


And we aren’t getting it as bad as the rest of the West Coast… yet.

But our turn will come. It always does.


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6 Responses to Who knew the apocalypse was going to have such beautiful sunsets?

  1. Yes, beautiful, but truly frightening. I can imagine few scenarios more horrifying that being trapped in a wildfire or a firestorm. I know you’re in the San Diego area (or I think you were), but I hope you and yours are as safe as can be, Art, as well as your mother. If I recall, she still lives in the Bay Area?

  2. Rising Star says:

    Superb man, really beautiful

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