Not another San Francisco adventure!… part 4… boat faces…

a 1

Yes, it really is… just a bunch of pictures of a few faces riding on a really really fast boat in the San Francisco Bay. That is my: ‘I am trying to look cool in this selfie, but I am having sooooooo much fun’ face.

a 2

My daughter Mollie. I love that kid. She is so sweet. I love the tie dye sweater and new pink hair. She is going away to college in a few weeks… what am I going to do… besides turning her room into a music studio, I mean.

a 3

Even when the boat was going slow, it was fun. I love boats.

a 4

I think Mollie’s boyfriend, Dashawn, had even more fun than me.

a 5

I may have gotten a little carried away with the selfies. The thing is… (hey, thing, where you been hidin’?)… that, when the boat was moving really fast, there was salt spray going everywhere. Especially during the crazy fast turns. So I don’t have pictures of me… or anyone else… during the craziest parts. Which is too bad.

a 6

Ha… that face. My wife really was there, right beside Mollie. But she doesn’t want to be on the blog. It is amazing how many pictures I have to crop her out of, or not show here. Don’t worry, I save the family pictures somewhere else first, before I make her disappear.

a 7

Okay, there is one taken during a little burst of speed.

a 8

There are three iconic San Francisco landmarks between those two good looking heads… but they aren’t really in focus… so never mind.

a 9

Oh yeah.

a 10

I know, this isn’t really exciting for you to look at…

a 11

And I have like two more blog posts worth of pictures… without the faces in them… (I just thought it would be funny to stick all the face ones together for some reason)…

a 12

Maybe I will try to edit it down to one more post. So we can move on the the fog part of this adventure.


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2 Responses to Not another San Francisco adventure!… part 4… boat faces…

  1. Yes, it’s great looking at Mollie and her boyfriend. They make a cute couple. But, for some reason, you kept interrupting the view. Stop doing that! 🙂

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