Not another San Francisco adventure!… part 5… boat donuts…

a 1

Okay, I got it edited down so that this is the last post about the rocket boat ride in San Francisco Bay. But look at that. Big swirls of water as we did donuts… in a boat… (that is like land donuts in a vehicle, where you burn rubber in a big circle, for those of you who don’t know, and have never watched Top Gear).

a 2

That is what a rocket boat looks like, if you missed the earlier picture. It has a rotating jet turbine at the back, so it can turn in actual circles.

a 3

Oh, yeah.

a 4

The boat would stop every now and then, so we could all take pictures… without risking getting our cameras and cell phones wet with salt water.

a 5

I kept my camera wrapped in my coat on my lap, and then pulled it out quickly now and then. That is an interesting picture, not only because it shows the roiling water as we spun around in a crazy turn, but also, you can see how the Oakland Bay Bridge vanishes right through a tunnel cut into Treasure Island in the middle of the bay.

a 6

Pay attention to that photo. remember that just fifteen minutes earlier, the sky was absolutely clear over there. Now, you can see the first finger of fog beginning to envelope the Golden Gate Bridge. You are going to get to know that fog… like a native of the Bay Area.

a 7

The underside of the Oakland Bay Bridge. You don’t often get to see that… at 70 miles per hour.

a 8

It was a gloriously warm day, even out of the water… which is a rare thing.

a 9

I think it was Mark Twain, when he was living in the city writing for a newspaper, who said: “The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco.”

a 10

And that is just about it for our crazy boat ride.

a 11

We putted back into the little harbor by Pier 39, near Fisherman’s Wharf, past the sea lions.

a 12

I like big sea mammals… and I cannot lie…

a 13

I leave you with this photo of some boats, Coit Tower, the tip of the new Salesforce Tower, and the Transamerica building. I will leave it to you to sort out which is which.

Coming next, we come face to face with some fog.


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2 Responses to Not another San Francisco adventure!… part 5… boat donuts…

  1. I’ve heard that about the weather from people who have visited San Francisco; for some reason, the middle of summer is actually the coldest time of the year for the Bay Area. I thought they were just being facetious, but is it true? I wonder why that is.

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