Not another San Francisco adventure!… part 3… oh, what the heck, I am going to try posting the pictures of one of my adventures in order for a change… I mean, except for the ones in the two posts I already did…

a 1

A pretty good picture of the San Francisco waterfront, taken from our car, driving over the Oakland Bay Bridge… don’t worry, I wasn’t driving when I took it… for a change. Soon, we will be right down there, walking along the water.

a 2

The new Sales Force… whatever that is… building, going up in the city, and dwarfing all the other buildings.

a 3

I don’t know what that building is called, but our car has a sunroof, and sometimes, I like to just stick the camera  up and out, and snap some random shots… I did the same thing later, as we drove across a fog-shrouded Golden Gate Bridge.

a 4

After lunch, as I said, we walked along the bay front. If you look carefully in the middle of that photos, you will the smoke from a large fire over across the bay. That is in the Berkeley hills, not far from where I take a lot of those sunset photos. It didn’t get too big, but did bring back memories of the big fire up there years ago, that wiped out a huge are in the Oakland hills.

a 5

Mollie… still rocking the pink hair… and her boyfriend. Yes, they are looking at the big model of Alcatraz, and beyond that, the old Civil War canon that points more or less towards my mom’s house across the bay. If you remember this spot from another San Francisco adventure not too long ago… yes, the one that ended up with me and Big Johnny doing a bar hopping slog through the Haight Ashbury district… give yourself 500 bonus points.

a 6

And there it is… the rocket boat…

a 7

It started off slow… out of the little marina, and into the bay… Alcatraz island and the old prison floating serenely… and notice, there is still no fog as of yet.

a 8

Mollie was a little nervous.

a 9

Here you can plainly see that there is no fog anywhere near the Golden Gate.

a 10

And then BAM… that boat started moving, and turning, and rocking, and it was freekin’ awesome! In the background, in the water, you can still see the wake from the boat, as we made a long, fast turn.

a 11

Treasure Island.

a 12

And then we were under the Oakland Bay Bridge, and past Treasure Island, and you can see the new part of the bridge on the other side of the island, and smoke is still rising from that fire.


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