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I am putting on the pantsuit of solidarity!!!

Yes, I am donning the sporty pantsuit of solidarity, and also the pantsuit of justice, kindness, and caring… and the red one… because that is just plain sexy… Advertisements

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Where the heck is that??? A guessing game… part 7…

Once again, I give you three small, blurry parts of three photos of famous landmarks in a famous city… And all you have to do is tell me what city it is… With bonus points if you can name any … Continue reading

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Make America Great Again…

Sorry… I realize that I didn’t throw in any images of his horrible attitudes towards women and his inherent sexism, but I figured that, once the apocalypse begins, he won’t have much time for groping and/or insulting women, or cheating/attempting … Continue reading

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Why is it that republicans seem so obsessed with keeping everything they have and not letting anyone else have more of anything?

Maybe I am overthinking this, but I was just sort of mulling over what it is that divides our country so much these days, and that led me to start pondering what it was that each side tends to vote … Continue reading

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Where the heck is that??? A guessing game… part 6…

I thought this one would be hard to figure out… That one small fragment of the coliseum didn’t seem too obvious, not with the lights on inside. Maybe the curves of the ceiling inside the Pantheon might have given it … Continue reading

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