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Mirror mirror off the wall… part 5…

Ironically, a straight-on side shot of a bridge is the most boring kind of photo to work with when doing mirror images. It just looks like a reflection. However, if you flip it the other way, it still looks like … Continue reading

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Some tasty Italian treats…

Oh… whoops… maybe I shouldn’t have led of with that picture following the title… I wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea… What I mean to say is that, on the way back from Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, … Continue reading

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Where the heck is that??? A guessing game… part 6…

I thought this one would be hard to figure out… That one small fragment of the coliseum didn’t seem too obvious, not with the lights on inside. Maybe the curves of the ceiling inside the Pantheon might have given it … Continue reading

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I don’t know why my blog got 202 hits from Italy today, but mille gratzie, Italia!

Either I have suddenly become popular in Italy, or one Italian person got caught up in my humor and went on a binge-reading rampage… but either way, I am happy.

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Colors… part 1…

Those photos I played with in Photoshop and removed some of the colors have created something of a stir. So, in my ongoing effort to make this an interactive blog, I am going to let the crack squirrels run with … Continue reading

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The world is seldom black and white…

This series of photos, taken on a trip to Europe with my older daughter, were originally just normal color pictures. That one, taken in a German town called Rothenberg, should look like this… It is a beautiful little medieval walled … Continue reading

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Mille Grazie, Italy…

My hit graph now goes all the way to 300, thanks to Italy and the two new hits… I love your food, your culture, and the way you embrace life. I have been to Italy twice in my life. It … Continue reading

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