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That’s an abysmal color… a Pepto-abysmal color… ha… see what I did there?

Okay, we have reached the end of my last adventure. We have, once again, visited the Bay Area, and seen many marvelous things… flowers and sunsets, dogs and babies, San Francisco, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Morro Bay, and last… and … Continue reading

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Gee, Mr. Trump, thanks so much for helping me rediscover my white male guilt…

Wait… you know that was sarcasm, right? We’ve been to the moon, why can’t we invent a sarcasm font? But anyway, I grew up in Berkeley, California during the 60’s and 70’s. Believe me, I know liberal white male guilt. … Continue reading

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Your heart is the beating pulse of the universe that is you…

… sending light to the furthest reaches of all that you are… Make sure some of that light reaches Uranus… Oh man… I crack me up… Seriously, if you are getting older, have you backside checked regularly. Wait… you know … Continue reading

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Okay, these are the last otter pictures… I swear…

But she has her baby riding on her tummy… and she is giving him a bath… It doesn’t get cuter than that, does it? And I even got a picture of them with a duck in the background. There was … Continue reading

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