M.A.S.C. (Men Against Sex Crimes)! Join now!!!

I am starting a new organization. Men, it is time we take a stand. We are part of this too. Stand up for the women in your life, Your mothers and sisters and daughters… your friends. We can make the world better. Take a small step. When you hear ‘locker room talk’, tell the talker it isn’t funny. When your friends brag about their ‘conquests’, tell them they suck. Teach your sons to be respectful. Tell them what ‘no’ means. We don’t have to accept any of this as normal.

Maybe we have become, in a weird way, too civilized. We don’t always confront bad behavior because we are learning not to be confrontational. There was a time when men would behave violently towards a sexual predator. I am not saying that violence is the answer. But we can channel our testosterone to at least fight back verbally. And we can be good examples. We can call out predators whenever we see or hear of abuse. We can tell our male friends that moving on an intoxicated woman is just plain wrong.

We can be a part of the solution. Peer pressure and positive role modeling are powerful weapons. Yeah, not as powerful as a hammer to the nuts, but this way, we don’t have to end up in jail.

Help me start the revolution!!!

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2 Responses to M.A.S.C. (Men Against Sex Crimes)! Join now!!!

  1. Feministka says:

    This planet need more men with the same vision! Cheers

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