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New York City… day 2… part 10… Is it racist if a white guy puts on white face?

No, I am just kidding. After the end of the second day of our 3-and-a-half-day trip to New York, I somehow let my daughter talk me into giving me a facial. It took longer than I expected. First, I had … Continue reading

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Every freekin’ Photoshop I ever did of Trump, because I am that pissed off… part 37…

Well, this one is funny on too many levels now…

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This is going to be another of those posts where we all learn important things about each other, and how the opposite sexes relate to one another, and open up a dialog between men and women that will lead to understanding how we relate to those around us in fundamental ways… providing you take the time to read it and then type brilliant questions and answers… because, hey, I can’t do everything around here…

Or; How can a man tell a woman she is beautiful without upsetting the delicate balance between political correctness and proper etiquette and being sort of creepy…??? Okay, guys, pay attention and you might learn some stuff… but let me start … Continue reading

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Is it sexist…

… if I point out that I have a lot of very beautiful ladies commenting and liking on my blog?

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This will make up for the last post…

While in Arizona, we went to a butterfly sanctuary. I will post the pictures without adding any silly commentary…

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Get stuphed… Part 1…

So I have this friend. He calls himself Twindaddy. Because he is the father of twins. See how frightfully clever he is? He is also the daddy of a little blog called; http://stuphblog.wordpress.com/ He says, right at the top of … Continue reading

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A Post by Arthur (NOT Jessica)

Hello blog-friends, this is Arthur (not his daughter Jessica, who is awesome, by the way), here to tell you to check out Jessica’s blog over at  www.tulleandtwine.com. This blog will change your life. While it doesn’t have aliens or Dick … Continue reading

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The Hastywords war… Part 4…

I am still trying to put a stop to the cruel rumors spread by my friend Hastywords; http://hastywords.wordpress.com/ in that post she did called ‘THE REAL PMAO’. In the first place, she had the nerve to stick my head on … Continue reading

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Men… women… mars… venus… let’s figure this out…

I pride myself on asking the questions that nobody else bothers to ask. I thought it might be fun to ask a series of questions about random things and see how the answers differ between men and women. Maybe we will … Continue reading

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Jobs they might have been good at… Part 7

Well, I asked for suggestions, and I got some… I don’t know why I didn’t think of this myself. Lady Gaga as a police dog trainer. Thank you, http://dottyheadbanger.wordpress.com/ for your creative input… (also known as being mental)… I also learned something … Continue reading

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