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Back to the 70’s… again… and a poem about the evils of disco…

I mentioned, when I did my 70’s song list post, that I once wrote a poem decrying the evils of disco. I tracked it down. If I don’t repost this during our time travelling to the 70’s, then when the … Continue reading

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The ultimate 70’s song list for long road trips…

70’s Song List This is the music that defined the 1970’s for me. If you ever have a 70’s-themed party, and you want to impress people, this is your list. This list does include music from before the 1970’s, but … Continue reading

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I’m going away… part 6…

Yes, I am packing up a few of my most important possessions, and taking a road trip. I even spent three days on Spotify, downloading some classic 1970’s rock and roll to listen to on the way… over 150 songs… … Continue reading

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Sorry, Foghat, I feel terrible about this one… but… still…

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Bad Company rocked!!!!!

And I got me a t-shirt… Okay… there is a long story behind that picture… and I apologize for the quality, but I scanned it… and it is from the 70’s… when I was in the Navy… and that Bad … Continue reading

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I have been doing these funny music posts, but there is one thing driving me crazy, musically speaking…

I wasn’t paying attention, and I am not one hundred percent sure, but I think I saw a commercial for a power tool company the other day featuring the Bad Company song ‘Feel Like Making Love’… The thing is… Hey, … Continue reading

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Traffic update…

Traffic on the highway to hell is bumper to bumper and moving at a snail’s pace… So I guess I am going to be late getting there.

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