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In which my cat expresses her viewpoints on modern society… a series of pictures telling a story…

I caught my cat watching the TV yesterday. She looked quite concerned about the underpinnings of our economy, the wage gap, and the threat to middle-income families. She did seem to be slightly hopeful that our home state was at … Continue reading

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Light and darkness, stillness and movement… experiments with photography… part 1…

I suppose that this post isn’t really ‘part 1’. It is a continuation of posts I have been doing involving experiments with low-light photography, light, reflection and refraction… I am pretty sure those two are not the same thing, but … Continue reading

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Fun with the sun… (or); Instead of just showing you the rest of those photos of the sunset over the San Francisco Bay that I took when I went with my mom into the hills above Berkeley during Christmas vacation, what if I intersperse them with copies upon which I worked some digital magic… part 3…

Did it take you a moment, if you didn’t read the title of the post, to even notice that there was something weird about that photo of San Francisco? Because the original photo looked like that. I love that just … Continue reading

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Some pretty colors, just to flush the memory of those microscopic photos of my body from your mind…

While I had my digital microscope hooked up, and when I was done giving myself that disturbing medical examination, I decided to do something for you to take the taste of my moles out of your mouths. If you don’t … Continue reading

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Holy f*****g s***t, do not ever use a microscope to look at yourself too closely!!!

Oh, don’t panic. That isn’t even the gross part. That is just my puckered lips. This, despite the title of this particular post, is still a family-friendly blog. But if you ever do get one of those digital microscopes that … Continue reading

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Colors in the dark… part 3… but maybe I should have called these: ‘lights in the darkness’…

Is that an alien planet in a starless solar system? No, that wouldn’t be possible. A ‘solar’ system, by definition, has at least one star in it. Is that the ghost of Donald tRump’s brain? No, that wouldn’t be possible. … Continue reading

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Colors in the dark… part 2…

Okay, it is time to explain what I am doing here. These photo experiments are an extension of those ‘wiggly light’ photos I was taking when I visited my mom in the Bay Area for Christmas. I was taking pictures … Continue reading

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