Snorkeling babies, conspiring balloons, fancy cakes, and sunsets…

a 1

Okay, that bay is not really snorkeling… although I could Photoshop him into the ocean and defy you to tell the difference.

a 2

My wife, older daughter, and I babysat our friend’s twin boys last night.

a 3

But I have a few photos taken at my new job as a private security officer at a fancy, exclusive housing community. One of the residents dropped off two fancy cakes, one for each guard house.

a 4

They appreciate the fact that we keep them safe from the common people, who will stop at nothing to sneak into the property, including infiltration by hot air balloon.

a 5

Common people are nothing if not resourceful… other than the resource of money, I suppose.

a 6

I know, another stupid sunset photo.

a 7

Two balloons full of riffraff, conspiring on ways to sneak in over the fences.

a 8

My younger daughter, Mollie. She is almost done with her first year of college, and her boyfriend is soon graduating from Navy boot camp. Also, this is the only expression you should ever have on your face when feeding a baby.

a 9

Because babies are awesome!

a 11

And every once in a while, nature’s silly plan of having babies stick everything right in their mouths really pays off.

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2 Responses to Snorkeling babies, conspiring balloons, fancy cakes, and sunsets…

  1. Babies, balloons and fancy cakes – somehow, they all go together! 🙂

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