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Who let those babies in here???

Oh… wait… nobody let them in here… I went over to where they live… ¬†at my friend’s house… to babysit the two-month-or-so-old twin boys. And what am I worried about? Babies are my people! Babies love me… and so do … Continue reading

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It turns out that 2-year-olds are unimpressed by art galleries…

They don’t care how big the picture of Jesus is. They aren’t impressed by the use of gold leaf. And tapestries just put them to sleep. To be honest, little Olivia was not really all that excited to be in … Continue reading

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Sitting around… babysitting, I mean…

I am watching little Olivia again today. She is snoring on the couch beside me as I type this. We went back to Balboa Park, in San Diego, again. Her favorite part of the park, it turns out, was pretending … Continue reading

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Hey, not every day that I babysit Olivia as a zoo day… or a park day…

Some days, you just have to hang around the house… our house, in this case, because they are still redoing their kitchen. We did take a walk. And, as usual, she had to touch every flower she saw. The thing … Continue reading

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Well, I got to hang out with little Olivia again today…

That kid is so cool. Yeah… darn glad to meet ya! Beam me up, Scotty… which is funny… because her parents are huge Star Trek nerds. She is so cool that she doesn’t even use a pillow like the rest … Continue reading

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How to tell when you are a good babysitter…

When you wear the kid out this much, you know you did a good job. And that was Olivia five minutes before that other picture, when she was falling asleep hanging over the arm of a chair. Oh yeah, I’m … Continue reading

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Well now you’ve gone too far, Olivia…

I might lose my babysitting job if I can’t figure out how to get her back down here.

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