Two awesome days of excellent adventures, with lots of pictures of cute kids… part 3… special ‘Olivia’s very first roller coaster ride’ edition…

a 1

That right there is my little buddy, Olivia, getting ready for her first roller coaster ride ever.

a 2

My older daughter, Jessica, took her on it. I am too big to fit in the Legoland roller coasters.

a 3

Action shots!

a 4

It is not easy to take pictures of a roller coaster with a cell phone.

a 5

I did the best I could.

a 6

There she is, telling me and her dad how brave she was.

a 7

Olivia is the daughter of some old friends of ours, for those of you not following along. I used to babysit her regularly. I love that kid, and so do both my kids.

a 8

And did I mention that I got to hold my new little cousin, Maeve?

a 9

Because we all met up at Legoland.

a 10

There is Olivia, happy that she is tall enough to ride the roller coaster.

a 11

There is Olivia with Joey, her dad. Did I mention that Legoland has a water park… that you have to pay extra to get in to? Also, did I mention that Olivia is really Wonder Woman?

a 12

But don’t worry, I have plenty more pictures. HA!

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