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Let’s make a cover for my new novel; a step-by-step blog series, and I want your input!… part 1…

The thing is… (hey, thing!, you haven’t been around here forever!!!)… that these mock-ups that I did a long time ago are no longer relevant. That is because I had to rename the novel. It turns out that ‘the seven … Continue reading

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Light and darkness, stillness and movement… experiments with photography… part 2…

Okay, for a while, these will be the last of the ‘low-light-long-shutter-opening-wiggling-the-camera-while-I take-pictures-of-colored-lights-in-various-weird-forms’ posts… I am not giving up on the premise… And, as I may have mentioned, I am saving the best of these photos to do some fun … Continue reading

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Another of those things I see in the world around me that nobody else seems to notice…

I was at work one day, not too long ago, and I looked down at the flagstones, and spotted this Aztec chief in a big, gold, jewel-encrusted crown… or war helmet… or whatever. He is right there, in plain sight. … Continue reading

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A love bench and a double rainbow…

So I am cleaning some photos off my cell phone. My wife just had a birthday, and I made her a little love bench. But it is also a photo stand, because I carved a slot in the seat of … Continue reading

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Colors in the dark… part 2…

Okay, it is time to explain what I am doing here. These photo experiments are an extension of those ‘wiggly light’ photos I was taking when I visited my mom in the Bay Area for Christmas. I was taking pictures … Continue reading

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‘Uh, Arthur,’ I can hear you asking, ‘what the heck is that, exactly’???

Well, I am glad you asked. That is this… And so is this… And this… And that… And also that… And this thing… And even that… which are all this thing… A glass paperweight I made in my glass blowing … Continue reading

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Just making myself laugh in times of trouble…

Oh man… I should have changed the word ‘enemy’ to ‘enema’… dang it.

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