The very last photos of flowers that I took on our late Christmas visit to my 97-year-old mother’s house in the Bay Area…

I could have used these to do one more post in my series on the study of light and shadow.

But I will let them stand on their own.

Because… flowers!!!

Who doesn’t like flowers?

Even though I am back in San Diego, I am still finishing up the posts of pictures I took on our trip.

One more post of shots of San Francisco and the Golden Gate across the bay.

And then a post of some photos of some snowy mountains I took near Los Angeles on the way home, where snow rarely falls, and almost never in this amount.

And then a post about the Christmas presents I got this year…

And then, I am going to start some posts of things I did with some of my gifts, and this blog is moving to a whole new level… that is a hint, by the way.

Now some of you may have noticed that I usually try to put 12 photos in each photo post, because this seems like a good number.

So there is the last picture I took of turkeys outside my mom’s house.

And one bonus shot of Alcatraz Island out in the Bay.


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