More random photos of this year’s holiday vacation in the Bay Area…

a 1

That is me, taking a photo of my older daughter, while she was taking a photo of the Christmas tree with her phone.

a 2

I also stole a couple of her photos of the Christmas table off Facebook… HA!

a 3


a 4

A sailboat on the bay.

a 5

A statue down by the Berkeley Marina.

a 6

It is a good luck archer god…

a 7

…riding on a good luck lion god.

a 8

I actually helped make that statue, and the story of how it ended up by the San Francisco Bay is quite interesting. You should Google it… or go back and read the old posts I did about it.

a 9

And yes, I still have a bunch of pictures from the night I drove my mom up to the Berkeley hills to look at the sunset.

a 10

I just hate to get rid of photos without posting them first…

a 11

Even though I obviously took way too many…

a 12

And a lot of them will look almost the same to you. But the amount of that huge bay you can see from there, the panorama… is incredible.


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5 Responses to More random photos of this year’s holiday vacation in the Bay Area…

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  3. I never tire of sunset and sunrise photos.

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