A three bridge adventure… part 4… (in which I make an unexpected detour)…

a 1

Back to the adventure. I was on the return leg of my circuitous driving adventure around the Bay Area. I had been up the coast North of San Francisco, and was heading back to the city. Highway One was closed due to a rock slide, and I got diverted up into the hills.

a 2

Don’t worry, I didn’t take any of these photos while I was driving. That road was twisty. I stopped and got out of the car for all these.

a 3

The higher I got, the better the views were.

a 4

I ended up, once again, among groves of coastal redwoods.

a 5

They might be my favorite tree, if I was forced to have one of those.

a 6

The Pacific Ocean spread out before me. You can see a ship in the haze.

a 7

This is why I love my adventures. I never end up where I expect to.

a 8

I ended up on the top of Mount Tamalpais. That is the one that shows up in so many of the sunset pictures I take from my mom’s house on the East side of the bay and from the hills above her house. It is the one that looks like a sleeping lady. I now had a great view of the bay, spread out below me.

a 9

That island is Treasure Island. Yes, the one where I went on this trip to the Bay Area and took those awesome sunset photos, and the pictures of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the raccoons. You can see the two ends of the Oakland Bay Bridge, the new end, and the old end. It passes through a tunnel cut into the Island. This island is where the Myth Busters TV show was filmed. The new… or East… end of the bridge you might remember from the news, because an upper portion of it collapsed onto the lower deck during an earthquake not too many years ago. It is also the last bridge I would pass over on this adventure.

a 10

It was a lovely day, and there were a lot of sail boats.

a 11

I had some awesome views of San Francisco, from the North, for a change.

a 12

Alcatraz Island is in the foreground, to the left.

a 13

I would be in San Francisco in just a few hours, to meet Big Johnny and my godson.

a 14


Okay, join me later for the next part of the adventure. We still have two more bridges to get over.


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2 Responses to A three bridge adventure… part 4… (in which I make an unexpected detour)…

  1. If there’s one thing I must do before I die, it’s visit the Redwood Forests of Northern California. My father had always wanted to do that.

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