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I hope you all get lots of booty for Christmas… uh… I mean plunder… yeah, let’s go with plunder…

You know, treasure… pieces of eight… that kind of stuff…

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Why yes, that is an inflatable turkey with a Santa hat… hey… don’t judge me!

We get s little weird around here at Christmas time, what can I say?

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I invented a new adult beverage, and you get to help me name it!!!

Oh yeah, Martinelli’s sparkling (non-alcoholic) apple cider and champagne… it is a little like a mimosa, but more bubbly… and appley… ┬ánow we just need a cool name for it.

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Does this Santa hat make my head look fat?

I keep telling the elves not to wash my stuff in hot water.

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The Seven Kingdoms… chapter forty…

(Author’s commentary): Uh… I got nothing. If you aren’t reading this, then my commentary doesn’t matter, and if you are, then you already know what is going on… HA! But I do like the feisty old man in this chapter. … Continue reading

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We had a plum pudding… and it isn’t even Christmas yet!

Oh, yeah! Plum pudding! And yes, it is supposed to be on fire. Plum pudding is a traditional English Christmas treat… My family has them every Christmas, and my wife is now the official plum pudding,,, which has no plums … Continue reading

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