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New York City… day 3… part 14… a drunk blogger with a head full of crack squirrels and a camera, what could possibly go wrong?… part 1…

Oh yeah, let the consumption of adult beverages begin! As evening fell, my wife and I met our daughter Jessica and our son-in-law Jason at a fancy place called The Aviary. They had been working. We had been all over … Continue reading

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While I am busy with my daughter’s wedding, I leave you with this to think about…

The famous statue of the thinker… making a stinker… I will probably still be posting stuff, but I am not sure how that will work. We rented a big house near my wife’s aunt and uncle’s place, where the wedding … Continue reading

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No, really, officer, our daughter is getting married…

Yeah, it was a little weird driving around with that much alcohol in the car. If we had gotten in a bad accident, we might have been crushed… and possibly drowned. Right before we went up in a big ball … Continue reading

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I invented a new adult beverage, and you get to help me name it!!!

Oh yeah, Martinelli’s sparkling (non-alcoholic) apple cider and champagne… it is a little like a mimosa, but more bubbly… and appley…  now we just need a cool name for it.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like recycled Christmas… part 12…

It’s almost Christmas, and you know what that means… the monkeys from my self-illustrated children’s book—> available over there, in my sidebar—> are getting into the spiked eggnog again. *(NOTE… the monkeys in the actual book do not get drunk… … Continue reading

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I thought I had found a new employment opportunity here… but when I thought it through, I realized that the man version of this would look really wrong… I should try thinking things through more often.

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