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A Christmas story from long ago… featuring Conan the barbarian… (yet another recycled Christmas post)…

We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you a short story about my old friend Conan the barbarian. When my daughter Jessica was about 5 or 6, she had a Christmas where she got a lot of gifts that … Continue reading

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The Seven Kingdoms… chapter thirty six…

(Author’s commentary): I love this chapter. A little magic, a little romance, humor and tragedy mingling together. Sometimes it strikes me that it isn’t the big adventure parts of a story that make it real. The battles and the heroics … Continue reading

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Why I want Conan the barbarian to come to my house for Christmas… a recycled post from the past…

You all know I love that big, crazy barbarian. But you may be asking yourself why I would think it would be fun to have him around during the holiday season. Well let me break it down for you. In the … Continue reading

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