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The Seven Kingdoms… chapter thirty seven…

(Author’s commentary): Okay, this is almost the last chapter I am going to post… I mean, nobody is really reading it anyway… ********** The Seven Kingdoms   Chapter Thirty Seven   Hildy began snapping orders. It was pure chance that … Continue reading

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Christmas reversed… and revisited… because this another old post I am reusing… HA!

How about if one year, we try being NICE to each other and visit each other and buy presents for each other, and wear festive colors, and sing silly songs, and decorate things and hang colored lights for 11 months, … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the ‘war on Christmas’… another recycled Christmas post…

There is no war on Christmas… It is a made-up thing… Stop acting like you are being persecuted because we want to include everybody. Nobody is really even telling you to say ‘happy holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas’. But let … Continue reading

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