Micro photography, the next step after macro photography… part 1…

a 1

I have been playing with my new digital microscope that takes pictures. That is a hard candy.

a 2

Another candy.

a 3

More candy. Maybe, in the future, I will take some regular photos of the objects I am taking micro photos of, for some context.

a 4

But for now, just enjoy a really close look at candy…

a 5

And my mom’s crazy 70’s-era rugs. There is a red and orange one…

a 6

And a blue and green one. I bet if you go back a few posts to the Christmas pictures, the rugs are in some of those.

a 7

But I am getting better at the focus thing.

a 8

Hardwood flooring.

a 9

Now that is an antique Persian rug, and you can see that the material and the weave are completely different.

a 10

The top of a small Italian table. It is highly varnished. It also plays music when you open the top.

a 11

That, believe it or not, is a fancy leather chair.

a 12

And I took a few shots of the top of the old chess table.

a 13

These are small pieces of inlaid marble.

a 14

I might take more of these. I like them.

a 15

But you can really see the scratches.

a 16

That, and the one below, are of bricks, fronting the fireplace.

a 17

You can see how the firing process actually melted the material.

a 18

That is the top of the ledge on my mom’s china cabinet. You can see tiny bubbles that got locked in when the varnish dried.

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