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Oh, and William Shatner responded to another of my tweets, so today is pretty awesome… yeah, it was about having sex with a hot lasagna, but I didn’t start it… so… yeah… at least my stalking celebrities on Twitter is paying off.

William Shatner ‏@WilliamShatner 26m26 minutes ago William Shatner Retweeted Arthur Browne Especially British lasagne! Ever try it? William Shatner added. Arthur Browne@ArthurBrowne1 @WilliamShatner Never get busy with hot lasagna… especially if it is spicy. Stick with the tortellini. ********** Mine … Continue reading

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The long and sordid tale of how and why I started stalking celebrities on Twitter and how it led to me being followed by Eric Idle of Monty Python fame and Dana Carvey from Saturday Night Live…

It all started, as a surprising number of things in my life do, as a harmless joke. A little more than a year ago, when my older daughter Jessica was still in college, I found out that she was on Twitter. … Continue reading

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Oh yeah… Marc Maron the comedian, responded to a tweet I sent him…

So add another point to my celebrity Tweet stalking score! I will put him on the list, along with: A bunch of tweets I got from Eric Idle of Monty Python. One from William Shatner of Star Trek fame. A … Continue reading

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Oh yeah… Marc Maron favorited my tweet…

Okay, it isn’t as good as getting a tweet back in reply… like I did from William Shatner, and Ricky Gervais, and all those I got from Mr. Eric Idle, or James May from Top Gear… and it isn’t as … Continue reading

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A map of my blog… and some good reasons why you should come and visit me rather than just read random posts that show up on the topic pages in the reader…

Yes, I did make it look like a treasure map… because there is treasure to be found when you visit my weird little slice of nonreality… AKA ‘my blog’. I have gone to great lengths to make my blog easy … Continue reading

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Twit Wit… part 24…

Here are some more of the clever things I say on Twitter, just in case you aren’t doing the tweety thing yet… ——————————— *Oh, what a tangled World Wide Web we weave… *When my cup runneth over, I just see … Continue reading

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Join us on our quest to break the record for most comments on a WordPress blog post, and you will be a part of history!!!

Join the crew and set sail for adventure… So far my little social media experiment has gotten over 5,000 comments. ***Please do not comment on this post*** Visit my blog, and scroll down until you find the post called: *** … Continue reading

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