The adventure… The final chapter; Let’s wrap this thing up… The final chapter…

Well, this whole crazy adventure started off at the San Diego zoo, before I even started my road trip north on Highway One and saw all that other crazy stuff.

Let me say again that if you are ever coming to San Diego, and planning on going to the world famous zoo, sign up for the animal experience thing. It is freekin’ awesome. I have been to the zoo hundreds of times, but this was a first for me.

It starts off slow. You see some really cool animals on a little stage. Fun, but not that exciting. Then, this big door slides open…

And up walks this adorable little guy.

And you get to feed him! You get rhino saliva all over your hand. My daughter Mollie is good with animals, like me, and seemed to bond with the rhino.

Or maybe he was just hungry.

Either way, if you want to see that smile on your kid’s face, you should do this.

It isn’t that expensive.

And you get to pet a zebra, and feed flamingos out of a cup while they walk all around you.

Go with someone you love.

The San Diego zoo really deserves its reputation. They are at the forefront of the breeding programs to bring back endangered species.

And they pioneered the more natural environments for the animals. No more cages with cement floors.

I think a zoo pass includes the San Diego Wild Animal Park, which is fun also. So go to the zoo and meet some animals. I did.

And it was totally nuts!

Ha, see what I did there?


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  1. You’re such a nut case!

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