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Try to guess which of these are human food and which are pet food… yes… I know I said I wasn’t going to do anymore silly guessing games with the digital microscope I got for Christmas, but you don’t have to guess what kinds of food they are… just what kind of mammal eats them…

You don’t really have to guess. Here is what I looked at up close… My wife is now making homemade sourdough bread from starter. So just about every other picture above is of that… except for the one of some … Continue reading

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Man does not live by bread alone… so follow my blog… (or); A toast to me!!!

Also, I need less than 25 new followers to reach 4,000, which is a pretty nice number, don’t you think?

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Eating history… (Or): Crabby bread!!!

There is one thing you absolutely must do if you are ever in Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco… and that is… go to this place… Yeah, it has been a San Francisco tradition since the gold rush! And I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Just a thought…

I think we should build apartments buildings next to bakeries… and then run air ducts from the bakery to all the rooms… so your room would always smell like fresh-baked bread.

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Paris… part 2… (or); when you travel, keep your eyes open… and your nose… and your mouth…

When you travel, you can learn a lot about where you are by the food they eat. And you¬†aren’t really experiencing a culture unless you eat their food.¬†This is particularly true in France. Mmmmmmm… the stinky cheese! The thing… and … Continue reading

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