Try to guess which of these are human food and which are pet food… yes… I know I said I wasn’t going to do anymore silly guessing games with the digital microscope I got for Christmas, but you don’t have to guess what kinds of food they are… just what kind of mammal eats them…

a 1

a 2

a 3

a 4

a 5

a 7

a 6

a 8

a 9

You don’t really have to guess. Here is what I looked at up close…

a 10

My wife is now making homemade sourdough bread from starter. So just about every other picture above is of that… except for the one of some store-bought whole wheat bread… and the two shades of little dog bones… and a dog training nibble treat… and a cat treat… and I didn’t take notes, so I am not sure which are which either. HA!

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