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In unrelated news: I figured out how to get those annoying little Bitmoji things from that phone app onto my computer, so you are all going to be driven crazy with little cartoon versions of me for a while… HA!

Also, there was another nice sunset at work last night. Ans, I got me a sweet new ride for work… Oh yeah… And I have to admit… I had no idea how fast they could go. Does this convex mirror … Continue reading

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What do some photos of the San Francisco Bay have to do with my new job?

Well, mostly they are here because I still have some photos I took when I was there at Christmas, but there is a tie-in or two. Firstly, there is the ever present irony of the fact that when you are … Continue reading

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Try to guess which of these are human food and which are pet food… yes… I know I said I wasn’t going to do anymore silly guessing games with the digital microscope I got for Christmas, but you don’t have to guess what kinds of food they are… just what kind of mammal eats them…

You don’t really have to guess. Here is what I looked at up close… My wife is now making homemade sourdough bread from starter. So just about every other picture above is of that… except for the one of some … Continue reading

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Okay, I swear, these are the last pictures of that Osprey I saw… but come on… I saw a freekin’ Osprey!!!

And he saw me, evidently. Sorry that one is a little blurry, but I used a telephoto lens, and then cropped the photo down to just that face. He… or she… was up on top of a light pole by … Continue reading

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Feeling blue… and green… and purple… and some other colors…

Okay, this is just an excuse to post a few more of those photos I took from the Berkeley Hills that night over Christmas vacation when I went up there with my mom to see the sun set over the … Continue reading

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And then, right in the middle of that big seagull riot… this happened…

As I was filming the great ‘bag of bread war’ between that flock of seagulls… the one I shared with you the other day… I noticed these two mallard ducks swoop calmly over the fracas. They made a nice splashdown … Continue reading

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More shore birds, for sure… (or): Let’s see some sea birds???

I still have some pictures left from my work trip down to Mission Bay in San Diego. I know, I live in San Diego, but I had to drive down to the beach to do some work… Look, it doesn’t … Continue reading

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