The Bay Area Christmas adventure… part 6…

a 1

I am excited to finish up my two dueling post series projects of my time in New York and my more recent time in the Bay Area, so this can go back to not being a travel blog.

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Aside from the defunct Alcatraz, the Bay Area also hosts San Quentin prison, still very much a going concern.

a 3

This post should finish up our day-trippin’ in ‘Frisco’, (which you should never call it, unless you were born there)…

a 4

And I was.

a 5

Mollie, my younger daughter and pre-med wonder-child. Yes, she did have magically pink and purple hair, but in order to do volunteer shifts at a hospital for college credit, she had to have ‘normal’ hair color, which is funny, because she is a blond, but that would never have covered the bright colors.

a 6

Mollie and her best high school friend.

a 7

I wish I could explain how sweet and kind and smart Mollie is, but I can’t.

a 8

Fort Point…

a 9

They left the old Civil War fort under the bridge when they built the bridge.

a 10

After this post, I have a few more photos of Christmas on my phone to share.

a 11

And then we can get back to the weird stuff.

a 12

Oh yeah!

a 13

So hang in there, kids.

a 14

Walk towards the light.

a 15

And then you will emerge back into the darkness that is my crack squirrel-infested wasteland of a blog!

a 16

Where nothing makes sense unless you make the sense yourself…

a 17

And you never know what will pop up next…

a 18

I thought she was being a fluffy-necked condor or buzzard… but she said: “look, dad, I’m a uterus'”

a 19

Yup, that’s my kid!

a 20

I finish with these few photos… say that 5 times fast… of an imaginatively-carved hand rail on a staircase at a restaurant we went to.

a 21

It was delightfully off-kilter.

a 22

Uh… okay…

a 23

The oh-so-rare elephant fish plant!

a 24

Watch your air hose there, buddy.



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