The Bay Area Christmas adventure… part 5…

a 1

I believe I promised you some more Victorian houses. Those are the famous ‘Painted Ladies’ of San Francisco, made popular by the TV show Full House.

a 2

But the city by the bay is full of these marvelous constructions.

a 3

Just driving around the city is a treat for the eyes.

a 4

You never know what you will see.

a 5

a 6

a 7

a 8

a 9

We also took the girls down Lombard Street…

a 10

Mollie and my wife and I have done this many times, but Mollie’s friends have never been to the Bay Area.

a 11

And there is a rumor going around that they are closing off the twistiest street in the world to public traffic. Maybe you need to get tickets or something.

a 12

Anyway, Mollie always has a great time at Grandma’s house.



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