The New York City adventure, the final chapter, the final day, the final post… finally…

a 1

Yeah, I got a hat. That is what tourists do. I don’t do organized sports, but I like a hat that tells me and everyone else where I have been.a 2

I took a few phone photos in front of the hotel where my wife and I stayed. I met so many cool people and petted so many cool dogs on that bit of sidewalk.

a 3

There was a Bernese Mountain Dog living in the high rise next door that I fell in love with.

a 4

I ate so much good food in New York.

a 5

Fancy cookies in Central Park… mmmmmm…

a 6

On our last day of our 3-and-a-half-day adventure, all we really did was meet my son-in-law and our daughter at this underground food court before leaving for the airport.

a 7

It was so New Yorky!

a 8

They had a mini- Katz’s deli!

a 9

And just about every other kind of New York food you could want. Also, it was right between the hotel and the place the kids live.

a 10

Oh yeah.

a 11

I knew my wife wasn’t going to eat a whole pastrami sandwich from Katz’s…

a 12

So I got me some pierogi too.

a 13

And I wore my new hat.

a 14

Did I mention we ate cookies in Central Park? Also, I totally just petted that dog.

a 15

An adult beverage at that cool old tavern we ate at, the one where George Washington used to hang out, after the Revolutionary War was over.

a 16

I rode on subways!

a 18

I got drunk in interesting places.

a 17

I walked under the Brooklyn Bridge.

a 19

It was a good trip. We saw a lot of stuff in a short time.

a 20

I imitated sexy sculptures.

a 21

I was boozed-up in Times Square. And we went up in the Empire State Building. And saw the 9-11 memorial pools.

a 22

I love reliving my adventures with you.

a 23

Because after I do the posts, these are just memories and photos stored in the cloud.

a 24

But right now, as I post these, I am that 59-year-old man/12-year-old boy, pretending to be a giant in a tiny castle.

a 25

Fee fi fo fum!

a 26

Peace out!!!


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