Dogs on blogs… and some other stuff…

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So, I am back in the Bay Area. And that means, after only a day or two, that I start missing my own dogs. But not to worry! There is a marvelous dog park only a couple of miles from my mom’s house.

a 2

That is Gonzo. Because I go down to the dog park at least once every time I visit my mom, I see Gonzo a lot. In fact, he is turning 11-years-old on Sunday, and I was invited to the party! There should be a lot of Bernese Mountain Dogs there.

a 3

This guy will be there. He is a friend of Gonzo’s. I can’t remember his name. Hey, I meet a lot of dogs. Remember, I did a post where I petted 80-something dogs in one day.

a 4

I freekin’ love this breed of dog. They are so sweet. And they don’t drool as much as Saint Bernards.

a 5

There is something down there making noises!

a 6

I hear it too!

a 7

Gonzo doesn’t care. He just wants treats… and love.

a 8

And yes, of course I took the pictures of the Bay, and the Golden Gate Bridge, draped in fog.

a 9

And yes, I used the zoom lens to take a few photos of San Francisco.

a 10

But mostly, I petted a whole bunch of dogs.


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4 Responses to Dogs on blogs… and some other stuff…

  1. Preety Varma says:

    Very Nice pics… I have Saint Bernards which are extremely gentle, friendly and very tolerant, especially with kids. They are intelligent and easy to train. They are needed to socialize during puppyhood only. They are slow moving, patient, obedient. They really know how to please people. They are extremely loyal as well.

  2. Yes! More photos of dogs and flowers!

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