San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge in the fog, more dogs on blogs, and some splashy water… oh, and a really close up picture of the moon…

a 1

The city.

a 2

The bridge.

a 3

A cute dog.

a 4

One of the things I do when I come back the Bay Area to visit my mom and my friends, and end up going down to the bay to pet other people’s dogs because I miss my own, is to try to capture that perfect photo of the moment when a dog comes out of the water and shakes itself off.  I want to capture the water drops, glistening in the sun, and the dog looking all wiggly. I have done posts about it. I have come close a few times. But yesterday, it was a little cold and windy, and no dogs were swimming.

a 5

So I settled for trying to capture the perfect moment of a wave striking the shore, with the resultant splash.

a 6

I will add this project to my ‘perfect wet dog shaking itself off’ and my new ‘dewdrop covered roses done with a squirt bottle of water’ ideas.

a 8

I am still planning on making it over to the city sometime soon, for some more adventures to share with you. I also have some other crazy ideas I am working on.

a 9

I used the telephoto lens to take a daytime photo of the moon. I cropped it a lot, but I think it came out pretty well. It avoids the long shutter opening of pictures taken at night, and that makes it clearer.

a 10

The cold water did not deter crazy people from windsurfing, and I guess the wind actually helped them.

a 11

But yeah, I mostly go down there to pet cute dogs.

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