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How I am going to take the most awesome rose photos ever, the next time I take rose photos, even if I have to cheat… and also, I am pretty drunk right now, so… uh… yeah…

So yeah, I am back in the Bay Area, my mom turned 95-years-old, and I just got back from the pub where I shared a pitcher of fine English ale with my childhood friend, Andy. We also drunk-called a bunch … Continue reading

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Roses are red… I mean, except when they aren’t…

I see a little red on that one, right at the tips of some of the petals. Okay, I admit it, that one is red. And those are certainly red. That is red… fading to pink. Red with yellow highlights. … Continue reading

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Lit-up clouds, crows in an oak tree, an invisible city, and some roses…

Back in the Bay Area, a cool sunset from my mom’s deck last night. The sunset wasn’t much, but there were some clouds that were lit from below and seemed to glow. These photos don’t really capture the opalescent quality … Continue reading

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