The fourth book in my action/humor science fiction novel series is done!!!


I have sent it to the publishers, along with the cover art. I have ordered a copy to proofread. Self-publishing rocks. My daughter, whom I am visiting in Arizona, you might recall, decided that just formatting and sending all my books to the place that prints them is easier than teaching me how to do that part myself. So… yay… and phew!

I did do all the cover art, and send that in, with just some help from my son-in-law.

Here is the entire cover as it gets sent…

book cover small for blog

It is a wrap-around kind of thing.

Just so you know, book four of The Otherwhere Chronicles is the end of the adventure… but maybe not. Our hero… that me from another dimension… now has stealth spy ships that are undetectable on any scanner. He has a triangular stone that is a memory device of the ancient race of beings called the Shann… that some humans call ‘the Giant Flying Pickles’ because they do, indeed, look like giant flying pickles… and he can learn anything instantly. Oh, and he now knows how to use the gate that leads to all other dimensions…  because it is the husk of a dead, Giant Flying Pickle, and they travel between dimensions to sow life back into each universe after new big bangs, and this one died while crossing over, and is still really in all the dimensions at once… did you get all that?

Anyway, now that our hero is the CEO of the biggest company in the history of anywhere, and, as Supreme Commander of the allied fleet has saved his dimension from that invasion by the Keelar Black Fleet, he can literally go to any dimension, which is the same as being able to go to any time or place that ever could exist.

So why, I ask, couldn’t this be the next Doctor Who?

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8 Responses to The fourth book in my action/humor science fiction novel series is done!!!

  1. Is your publisher “The Book Patch” in Scottsdale, Arizona?

  2. Lucy Brazier says:

    Woohoo! Big congrats, dear chap. Nothing quite so wonderful as finishing a book! You have my utmost admiration. I could see you as the Time Lord, you know.

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