The sunset chronicles… part 6…

Hey, look, part 6, and we are actually getting to the part of the sunset where the sun sets!

a 1

I can’t believe nobody played my guessing game/test of your observational skills game from that earlier post, but whatever man.

a 2

The thing is… hello, thing!… that I am actually back in San Diego now, after one of my early morning wake up and drive adventures.

a 3

Because I am going to Comic Con tomorrow here in San Diego. Ironically, my wife said I could just stay in the Bay Area and she would fly up… because, you know, we have Hamilton tickets for next weekend… but no, I am driving 1,000 miles so I can share some pictures of Comic Con with you.

a 4

On top of that, I still have tons of pictures from this Bay Area trip to share… no… they aren’t all of sunsets, silly! I mean… a lot of them are… but… uh….

a 5

I’m sorry, I can’t waste a photo of a sunset.

a 6

Or a picture of me and a sunset.

a 7

I am going to get so far behind on things. Maybe I will just mix it up, and do posts about whatever in random order. Maybe I will even put pictures of unrelated stuff in the same post. Who knows?

a 8

I just do what the crack squirrels that live in my head tell me to do.

a 9



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2 Responses to The sunset chronicles… part 6…

  1. List of X says:

    Fly up? Are watching Hamilton in Bay Area?

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