The many moods of San Francisco… part 1…

a 1

We are reaching the end… well, I say that, but I still have a lot of photos to post before the end actually happens… of my latest adventure in the Bay Area. And then, I had a lot of adventures on the way back to San Diego, so I am going to be posting a lot over the next few days. Just look at the stuff that interests you, and don’t worry about the rest. Or don’t read the words. It’s all good.

There is San Francisco… in the far distance, over my right shoulder… at her sunny, brightest best. I took the selfie with my phone, on the way to take my mom shopping for shoes, which took us over the hills above Berkeley. This was the day after my drinking adventure over in the city, and I was pretty hung over. Ha!

a 2

Even when the city is basking in the sun, the fog still waits beyond, to come creeping in.

a 3

Okay, that picture, and the next few, are just the last sunset photos I took from my mom’s deck, and don’t really relate to San Francisco directly.

a 4

Except maybe for the fact that the fog you see, both below and above the mountains in the distance, which are just North of the Golden Gate bridge on the far side from the city, have already blanketed the city by the bay. And also due to the fact that when I took these, I was still hung over from the day before, when I was in the city.

a 5

Okay, that was a stretch.

a 6

But bear with me.

a 7

We can get through this.

a 8

I went to visit my best friend’s memorial tree. I can’t believe the tiki-steak I carved for him is still there. I turned around and took these last two photos…

a 9

Hey, that actually is a picture of San Francisco. You just can’t see it because of the fog, which is certainly one of San Francisco’s charming moods. You can see a little white blob in the bay, to the left of center. That is Alcatraz. The city is behind and to the left.

a 10

And there, believe it or not, is the Golden Gate Bridge. Just behind that big ship.




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