The many moods of San Francisco… part 2…

a 1

I went down to the bay on my last night in the Bay Area, for a specific purpose…

a 2

But I can explain what that was in another post, because I have at least two more posts worth of pictures from that night.

a 3

So for now, just enjoy the pictures.

a 4

This is another mood of San Francisco.

a 5

The quiet of nightfall without any fog.

a 6

That mountain is called ‘the sleeping maiden’, and has been since the time of the Native American tribes in the Bay Area.

a 7

A large boat leaving the bay under the Golden Gate.

a 8

Shifting colors.

a 9

The setting sun hitting the buildings on the sides of San Francisco’s many hills.

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6 Responses to The many moods of San Francisco… part 2…

  1. Beautiful moods of a great city

  2. There are few sights more stunning than the sun setting against the ocean. I first saw the Pacific Ocean in September 1991 when I vacationed in Ixtapa, México. Just looking at the sunsets thrust me into an alternate universe.

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