Bar hopping: The final chapter…

a 1

Well, there are Big Johnny and I, at the last bar we visited at the end of a very long day in San Francisco. Man, I was pretty toasted by that point.

a 2

I think, by that point, I had walked about ten miles, if you include the walk to the BART station from my mom’s house, my long ramble along the bay front in San Francisco, our exploring the museum with the cool sixties exhibit, and then, after we were dropped off by John’s family, our long walk from Haight Ashbury all the way to downtown. So we hopped on Muni. I have never been on Muni… which is the municipal railway, which is almost like a small BART… (Bay Area Rapid Transit)…. train system.

a 3

Why do you care? You probably don’t… but I was hammered, so I took pictures.

a 4

Why does he keep making that face at me???

a 5

We got off the little train right where my San Francisco adventure had begun… almost twelve hours before…

a 6

Yes, by the Embarcadero BART station.

a 7

Which was handy, because, after vising the last bar in the photo at the top, I had to get back on BART, travel back under the mud at the bottom of the bay, pass through Oakland and Berkeley and other places over on the East side of the water, and take a cab to my mom’s house. It was a long day.

Also, here is a hint. If you are very drunk, don’t bend over backwards to take photos of tall buildings in the dark. No, I didn’t fall over, but I am an awesome photographer and I can hold my liquor.

a 8

A lonely cable car, on its way back to the barn for the night. See, even my drunk photos are good.

a 9

Big Johnny waited patiently for me to take my pictures. Okay, that is it for that one day full of cute kids, good friends, sixties history, and dive-bar hopping.


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15 Responses to Bar hopping: The final chapter…

  1. kunstkitchen says:

    Dude these are great photos! I am surprised.

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