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We interrupt our regularly scheduled photos of tigers and other animals… and other weird stuff… in order to share the last few pictures I took of Mollie, my younger daughter, and her friends, just before their senior prom…

Yes, my daughter looks beautiful, and yes, her boyfriend is handsome. Don’t worry, I am not sharing all the pictures I took, just some of the best ones. Because that is what I do here, share my life, and my … Continue reading

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More prom pictures of my stunning daughter… and her almost annoyingly handsome boyfriend…

Come on, that is a good looking couple. And no, I am not sharing all the photos I took, just a few more posts worth. I like sharing my life with you, and I like occasionally skimming through my blog … Continue reading

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Senior prom!!!

Our younger daughter, Mollie, and her boyfriend, Dashawn, had their senior prom last night. Technically, it was just her’s, because he is a year older. They spent the night with their best friends. We went to the local Marine Air … Continue reading

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