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Dear ‘sane’ members of the republican party,… yes… both of you…

Hey, we feel your pain, believe me. We realize that your party has been hijacked by idiots, mouth breathers, mutant pig-boys, the mentally ill and the terminally-short-on-morals racist riffraff that started gravitating towards you when Sarah Palin made her entrance… … Continue reading

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Yes, crazy racist Trump supporter lady, some black people are pissed off at white people for being more successful than they are…now finish that thought… go on…

Oh, thinking isn’t your strong suit? Let me help. The rest of that thought should be something along these lines: … It seems that some African Americans harbor an understandable and justifiable resentment against the society that offers them less … Continue reading

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If you need to feel better about yourself, type the words: ‘crazy people shopping at Walmart’ into the Google search bar…

No… I’m not doing it for you and posting the pictures… I did it once, long ago, looking for a funny picture for a post… and I am never making that mistake again.

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