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Ummm… is the world trying to tell me something?

I snapped this photo from my car on the way to my babysitting gig this morning. I didn’t even notice the church… or the arrow… until just now.

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Is that a moon rainbow?

I guess it didn’t show up in the photo as well as I was hoping it would It was awesome in real life. It is a circular rainbow around the moon… except it isn’t raining here… and I suspect it … Continue reading

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Like a rainbow…

While I catch you up on what is happening in my life, I thought we could look at some pretty pictures of rainbows… wait, is it still a rainbow if it wasn’t made by rain? These ‘rainbows’ were made by … Continue reading

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Subliminal Art…

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Make magic in your own backyard… and impress the heck out of three-year-olds…

The next time you have young kids over to your house, here is a simple thing you can do that will make them think you are the most awesome human being ever… Just turn on your hose and set the … Continue reading

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I worry about you…

Four people found my blog today searching for “Betty Boop’s cleavage… The ‘rainbow/unicorn/hamster/poop/vomit’┬ásearches I expect… (in fact I count on them)… The ‘Einstein/optical illusions/Obama’┬ásearches gave me hope… Okay, the ‘bayonetting’ search, I have no idea what that is about, I … Continue reading

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