Just a bird…

We went to the beach here in San Diego last evening.

I became fascinated by this lone bird. I don’t know what kind of bird it is. I could look it up. My mom would know.

But he… or she… was so stately, so elegant.

But also very busy looking for food.

Not the worst life a bird ever had.

But a lot of work. A whole, lonely little shore life going on.

A lot of pacing back and forth, and wading, and peering.

Oh sure, there were other birds. Lots of seagulls.

A flight of pelicans.

One lone floating pelican.

But I kept coming back to this bird.


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2 Responses to Just a bird…

  1. When I visited Panama City, Florida in 1995, I spotted a group of pelicans calmly sitting on the water several yards from shore. I was closer to the beach and just watched them for the longest time. I had never seen pelicans in person. Very mesmerizing and therapeutic.

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