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Looking back: A blog retrospective; Part 45- My Art… part 16…

Parts of a funny little illustrated creation story that I started years ago, which gave me the central character for my story for kids; The Lonely Little Wizard. Available for Christmas in my book links in the sidebar. Ha!

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Digital fun with one of the illustrations I did for my children’s book; The Lonely Little Wizard… part 2…

Here are some ‘dark’ interpretations of the following illustration from my children’s book, The Lonely Little Wizard… As you can see, the original is a lighthearted watercolor and ink image. But I used some digital filters called names like: ‘night’, … Continue reading

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What happens when you take a page from a children’s book you wrote, and add a little magic… part 5…

Why can’t books do this in real life?

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Yes, I not only write books, but I do the illustrations for the ones for children too…

And I did a few aliens also, that didn’t end up in my science fiction action/humor series of novels. I just do those for fun.

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Yeah… all that stuff came out of my crack squirrel-infested head…

You may remember that part in the middle with the white background. It was for a T-shirt I designed to advertise my children’s books and my action/humor science fiction novel series… (all still available over there in the sidebar, if you … Continue reading

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The Lonely Little Wizard…

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Wizard magic… part 7… (or); why are smiles so hard to do???

So I added this little wizardess to my children’s book, and now I am working on a side view of her… and her smile is driving me crazy… and not in a creepy way… but not in a good way … Continue reading

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Wizard magic… part 4…

One more page of the children’s book is done… except for the text… and then formatting it and sending it to the publisher without the usual help from my daughter… and then ordering the first copy… and waiting to get … Continue reading

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Getting to know me…

Here is another of my early posts… so you don’t have to ever go to the trouble of going back and reading all of them yourself… ——————————— So I can’t recall if I mentioned that I dropped out of high … Continue reading

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Monkey business…

I am now writing a children’s book… I need to do cute, funny illustrations of monkeys… This is going to be a challenge.

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